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24 Mar 2015

Designing a website through programming alone will require your creativity to places if you have a lot of coding knowledge. But coding takes a lot of time and you must preview you website every now and then just to see if your codes are properly structured. A good web design tool makes it a lot easier for web designers and developers to create a site and see just what it looks like on the web browser. Additionally, it allows developers to change to a coding view when they need to add some code. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is easily the most popular web developer tool which includes these features and a lot more however it does not come cheap. If web design will be a part of your work one day, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a great investment. But if you want to make your own website, you should try some of the cheap web site design alternatives.
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While not as common as Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional is a superb alternative for creating a nice looking site. The $149 price is still a bit steep for any piece of software but it is more than half the price of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Plus, the interface is very friendly so novice web site designers can build attractive websites quickly. It's got full support of the present web standards and you can easily preview your website on a number of browsers. Unlike Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, you can't build sites that are optimized for smartphones and tablets but that isn't a concern for a lot of novice web developers. Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional is also a great long term investment since it has a coding view so you can do advanced tweaking to your sites once you learn much more about HTML coding and beyond. Cheap Graphic designer in Birmingham

Xara Web Designer lacks the coding capabilities but simplifies your website building tools to a drag-and-drop interface. This allows individuals who are new to web design to create a decent website in just a few minutes. The $49 cost is also a lot much easier to swallow and that includes plenty of free templates to utilize. At the same time, you can use exactly the same software to plan your internet site mockups. If you need to add more advanced elements aimed at your website like widgets, you can purchase an upgrade to Web Designer MX which adds some advanced web editing tools. Even Website design company MX Premium costs less than Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional.


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